Turn Your PC into a Mac…

I mean, Hackintosh!

Hackintosh – A Personal Computer that is running a patched Intel Mac OS X operating system; also called OSx86; or an ugly PC trying to look and behave like a Mac.

So I have a Hackintosh…one that I created almost a year ago. It runs an OSx86 version created by a guy who uses the name “Uphuck” in hacker forums. It is a hack of the Mac OS X Tiger version 10.4.9. Is this legal? If it is, then we wouldn’t be calling it a “hackintosh”. According to Apple Inc’s licensing, you can only legally run OS X on a “Single Apple-labeled computer” (in short, a Mac). So it is best to buy a real Mac if you want to use OS X for your everyday tasks. The problem is, there are a lot of people stuck with ugly beige boxes running MS Windows either by choice or by force. It becomes an issue by choice when they can’t afford a Mac, or if their employers give them no other choice, then it is by force. Ever since Apple ported their OS to the Intel platform, hacker communities have been all abuzz in making it run on PCs. If only Apple Inc. will allow OS X to run on ugly computer boxes…

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